Monday, November 26, 2012

Electric Mermaid Nails 2 - The Mermainening

Alllll the way back in March I did a glitter mosaic called Electric Mermaid Scales.  It has been my most popular post by a long shot, getting over twice the pageviews as my next most popular post.  It's been posted - uncredited, mind you - to Pinterest, tumblr, instagram, Buzzfeed and too many other places to count.  A cropped version got 16,083 reblogs on tumblr, ffs.  It's not the lack of accreditation that bothers me but instead how much better I am at photography and doing my nails I am now.  To celebrate getting a more sparkly new light, I present to you Electric Mermaid Scales, Take 2.

To start, I applied two coats of Sally Hansen Co-Bolt Blue.  If I'm doing a full coverage glitter mosaic I like to try and match the base colour as closely as I can so if you have gaps near the cuticles or tips it's not that noticeable.  Starting with my thumb, I added a stroke of top coat - I'm using Essie Everyday Top Coat, but you can use anything that isn't quick drying - then did a line of glitter down the centre of my nail.  Adding more top coat as needed, I then built out each side.  I like to get all the way to the tips of my nails so I stick the glitter on even if it goes over the edge.  Once it's dry but before the final top coat, I trim off the excess.  Once you're done, add a couple coats of Seche Vite.  You want it to be nice and smooth.  



The Verdict:  Of course I love this - I love all my glitter mosaics.  This was so sparkly and I think I finally managed to capture some of that with my new light.  Glitter <3 forevazzz

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