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4 Ways To Grow Your Eyebrows

By Laura Jones / 04/12/2017

So you want to grow out your eye brows but not sure how? They have taken off too much of your eyebrow hair! No! Does this sound familiar? Don’t worry, it happens to a lot of us ladies. You might decide to go down to your local beautician and ask her to give your brows a little tidy up but […]


4 Starter Steps For Applying Makeup

By Laura Jones / 03/20/2017

Applying makeup really is a bit of an artistic skill So ladies, you think you know how to put on makeup? I have put together an introduction to applying makeup, the first four steps. Preparation is key so this article is really the basics to get you started. Remove your old makeup. Start off with […]


4 Further Steps For Applying Makeup

By Laura Jones / 03/05/2017

Nearly prepped! In my first article on 4 Starter Steps To Applying Makeup, we looked at the basic foundations of getting your face ready. Now we will look at the final steps involved in the preparation stage. Apply the concealer Concealer is used to even out the skin that may be blemished or to hide dark circles under your eyes. […]


4 Steps To Adding Eye Makeup

By Laura Jones / 02/24/2017

It’s all in the eyes! So in my last article, we looked at the basics of literally laying a good foundation onto your lovely faces. Now that you are familiar with applying foundation, contouring and matching skin tones, let’s take a look at the next key feature of your face. Those lovely eyes! Below are […]


4 Steps To Adding Colour To Your Lips

By Laura Jones / 02/14/2017

Kiss me and tell me I’m beautiful! A lot can be said about a lady’s lips. When we are run down, or in cold weather we can get chapped lips and they don’t look pretty. Adding some colour is a great way to bring some life back to your lips and also makes you look […]