Western Wear Fashion Statement

By Laura Jones / 02/20/2019

Once upon a time, cowboys wore cowboy boots when they were working on the farm. These boots were equipped with spurs and allowed them to tromp through the mud. Now, more and more people are using western wear to make a fashion statement. It is a trend that men, women, and children are all enjoying proving that boots aren’t just for cowboys.

The Style of Cowboys

When you think about a cowboy, you likely picture them sporting a Stetson cowboy hat, button up shirt, denim, and boots. Some people also think about them wearing a gun holster that is fully equipped on their hip or a lasso in their hand. It is a style that when you see it, you instantly know that they are one of the good ole’ boys. Hard working men who wake up at sunrise and go to bed when the sun sets. This is a fine assumption and true in virtually every way. However, in today’s world, the same outfit can be worn to make a fashion statement that is comfortable in everyday settings.

Trendy Fashion in Today’s World

Men often still wear the outfit, even if they do not actively work on a farm. It is a sexy style of dress that appeals to many whether they are walking through a store or hanging out at a club. It is acceptable, whether they are young or old. Many of these men wear the available Buckaroo boots mens style of boot. They have intricate details on some and all are able to resist moisture no matter what they are doing that day.

Womens Western WearWomen also enjoy wearing boots and cowboy hats. They wear them with jeans and shirts, or even skirts, both long and short. It somehow makes them look trendy and classy to wear the right combination. Boots can be worn with even the frilliest of skirts and still look great.

Kids, both boys and girls, simply think that they look cool with their little boots that they can wear while playing “cowboys and Indians”. And, there is honestly something super cute about a toddler wearing tiny boots that are made just for them.

Add Some Fun to Your Wardrobe

Everyone develops their own sense of style. It develops over time, and as we all know, we all tend to go back in time at some point with trendy new clothes that resemble those of days gone by. One thing that is for sure, the cowboy style has already proven that it is a style that will never go out of style. It only gets bigger as more boot styles, more detail, and more colors continue to come out. Are you ready to add some comfort, style, and uniqueness to your wardrobe? It can be achieved using traditional cowboy styles in a not so traditional way. What will your newest outfit become?