Color & Glitter EVERYTHING!

By Laura Jones / 03/18/2019

The internet has opened up the opportunity for all types of artisans and craftsmen to sell their creations. If you look online or at your local arts and crafts fairs, you will find a large variety of specialty items that can make you question why you never thought of doing that for yourself. One great example of this is the large variety of cups, mugs, and bags that are available. It seems we have the mentality of color and glitter everything, and it is easier to do than you may have ever believed.

Shiny, Sparkly, Glittery, Beauty!

GlitterNailsHave you ever seen something shiny that was unable to capture at least a little attention? Most people will go out of their way to look at a shiny speck on the ground. This means that even though we may not buy, a sparkling coffee mug can grab our attention from the other side of an art show. Cups and mugs, even fingernails are all taking on a new look. Nails are simple, since most polishes come in a little nail polish bottles. The cups and mugs are a little more of a process, but not much since they use mostly paint, pigment, dye, and glittery stuff mixed with epoxy. With these items, even the most boring mug can become beautiful.

How to Create Fantastic Sparkling Mugs

Glittery Mug

Creating mugs and cups is easy to do, but you should know that it does take some type. If you have a color of mug that you do not like, you can spray paint it before you go any further on it. You may want to tape off the rim and bottom so that you do not have a painted surface there. You can also use resin pigment if you prefer to go that route.

After it is the color you want it, you can Modge Podge some glitter onto the mug. This will give it the sparkle that you want. If you do not want the entire mug covered in glitter, you can write out your initials, draw a doodle with glue, or anything else you want. Tap off any excess glitter and prepare a workplace for your epoxy project. Since epoxy takes a bit to dry, you will need to leave the tumbler hanging and you will also want to keep rotating it to ensure it does not have a lot of runs. Until it hardens a little, you will want to turn it every minute or two. Gradually spacing it out until you turn it every 30 minutes or so. There will still be drips, but they are easy enough to sand off the next day if you used moistened sandpaper in a 400 grit.

Let Your Creativity Shine Through

Blush Colors

Custom mugs and tumblers can cost you a small fortune if you start buying them. You can use epoxy on virtually any type of material. You can also use nail polish on mason jars to use in your kitchen, bathroom, or on your desk. Then add epoxy and sparkle if you want to. You can be as creative as you want, and it only takes a little bit of effort and time.