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How To Make Baby Carrying Cute

By Laura Jones / 03/24/2019

As a new mom, you may wish that the chores would go away. When you have a baby, you may feel as though you need more arms and hands. They enjoy being held. Bad days make it virtually impossible to get things done. Errands are even more difficult. At one time, the helping hand came […]


Color & Glitter EVERYTHING!

By Laura Jones / 03/18/2019

The internet has opened up the opportunity for all types of artisans and craftsmen to sell their creations. If you look online or at your local arts and crafts fairs, you will find a large variety of specialty items that can make you question why you never thought of doing that for yourself. One great […]


Western Wear Fashion Statement

By Laura Jones / 02/20/2019

Once upon a time, cowboys wore cowboy boots when they were working on the farm. These boots were equipped with spurs and allowed them to tromp through the mud. Now, more and more people are using western wear to make a fashion statement. It is a trend that men, women, and children are all enjoying […]


3 Healthy Ways to Perfect Your Hairstyles

By Laura Jones / 09/19/2017

You can twist it, cut it, pull it up into a perfectly coiffed bun, or let it fall freely along your neck and shoulders. Hair can look beautiful when it is well managed and groomed into a trendy hairstyle, but it can also become unhealthy if your styling techniques aren’t safe to use in the […]


Top Tips for Choosing the Right Lipstick

By Laura Jones / 06/27/2017

When it comes to makeup, lipstick is often the least thought about when it comes to choosing. Of course, this isn’t to say that lipstick doesn’t get a lot of thought. It’s the act of choosing that often gets swayed by marketing techniques and buzzwords. If you love wearing lipstick and are interested in some […]