Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rainbow Glitter Zigzags!

So I have something of a first today.  People at work actually noticed and commented on my nails!  This may not sound particularly significant but I work as a programming in a mostly male office so you know they have to be something out of the ordinary.  To say so myself, they are something out of the ordinary.  I present to you my most complex nails to date: rainbow zigzag glitter nails!

I'm just going to say up front: these took a long time - even by my standards; upwards of two hours.  This may seem like a long time some of you but I find doing this relaxing, like knitting or cross-stitch.  Plus, sparkly!  So sparkly.  Like, seriously, so sparkly.  I've been wanting to do this pattern for a while and found the time last night.  I found the easiest way to do it is to start in the middle of your nail at the top.  Making sure your hexagons are with a point up, not a flat side, it's pretty easy to create a zigzag.  I used my usual technique to stick the glitter on.  tl;dr? Glitter, toothpick, sticky topcoat and time.

The Verdict: The full coverage glitter mosaics are my favourites.  An unfortunate problem with it is that top coats don't work so well when they don't have any polish to stick to, so the final finish could be smoother.  I also couldn't be bothered doing my thumb so I just smashed glitter on it.  The end!  Sparklies!

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