Saturday, April 14, 2012

My. Entire. Collection

So a few people have been asking to see my collection.  Fun! though I, it can't possibly that bad! Well... I don't think there's much to say other than just to show you...

Balls. That's a lot of polish. 

Pretty though, right? 
I don't really know how I feel about this.  I actually counted and my brain tried to multiply that by the average cost but I'm definitely not really for that yet.  I love this blog, and always want to make sure I have new and interesting things to show you. I think if I just slow down, only buy polishes I absolutely love, I think I'll be ok.  In the mean time, back to the Helmer for all you lot!

On a happier note, let's take a look at some of the more unique close-ups.  If there's anything in there you can see you want to see closer, just let me know in the comments.

Nerd Lacquers!  L to R: Mini Nebula, Argentium, Cyance Friction, Outed by a Robot, Event Horizon, Just a Flesh Wound, Lento III, Nebula, Crunchy Frog, Hyperspace Bypass, Warrior Ethos, All of Time and Space, Entirely Unlike Tea and Cold and Calculating

Lacquoistry! L to R, top to bottom: Oh Yes I Did, Hey Cowboy, Shredded, I Wear My Jewellery on my Nails, Lake Placid on Acid, Tepes, Happiness is a Warm Gun, Golf Socks, Devil's Dandruff, Faux Fir, Peon of the Bells, A Friggin' Circus, Blackberry Cordial, Fireplace, Chocolate Covered Cherries, Cassandra's Peacock, Dirty Rich, Golf Shorts, Jessica Rabbit and Winter No 1

L to R: Jessica, Ozotic 534, Victoriana Intertemporal Nail Polish, Nfu-Oh 61, Ludurana flakies, Dollish Pollish I'll Have What She's Having, Random Dancing, Expecto Patronum, The Cake is Lie, Does Barry Manilow Know you Raid his Wardrobe, Put a Ring on It, Zombie Flesh and Little Monster, Deborah Lippmann Across the Universe, Glitter Gal 10 to Midnight and Dark Brown Sparkles and Fever Lacquer Annie, Are you You and Dirty Dancing the Moonlight. 

L to R: Nail-Venturous Purple Potion, Floam, Orange You Unique, Voodoo Doll, Cover Story Stick 'n' Stones, Pretty & Polished Swing, Power House, Candy Coated, Valentino, Jawbreaker, Elvis' Pink Cadillac, Party on My Yacht, Razz, GBF, The Amazing Technicolor Topcoat, Able Pam, Tart and a green one. 

L to R: Model's Own Beetlejuice colours, A- England Galahad, Bridal Veil and Perceval, AllThatGlitters Cha Cha Twist, Very Peacock-ish, Metal Petal, Vinyl Junkie, Plum and Plummer, Frantic Romantic, Spottie Dotti Rosie and Dark, Zoya Flakies, Nails Inc label-fell-off, Franklin's Row and Bloomsbury Square

L to R: Bunch of Essies, Sephora Drama Velvet Pearl, Gosh Polishes.  These aren't that interesting, I can't be bothered getting them out again :)


Zoya's and Sephora by OPI
The Verdict: I HAVE A LOT OF NAIL POLISHES AND DIDN'T THINK THROUGH HAVING TO LABEL ALL THE PHOTOS.  Again, if there's something here you want to see swatched, I'd love help picking and I'll take all the close-ups you want.

Yay nail polish!

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