4 Starter Steps For Applying Makeup

make up

Applying makeup really is a bit of an artistic skill

So ladies, you think you know how to put on makeup?

I have put together an introduction to applying makeup, the first four steps. Preparation is key so this article is really the basics to get you started.

  1. Remove your old makeup.

Start off with a clean slate! So remove any old or unwanted makeup before going at your face. Maybe you were out last night or were at a wedding a couple of days ago, chances are you’r face is full of makeup still.

You probably slept in your make up so wash it off and have a fresh face for your new makeup application. The problem is, is that if you try to apply a new layer of makeup over your old one then you are basically caking it on, so the end result will just look unnatural.

Cleanse ladies! You’ll need to remove any make up residue with a cleanser to stop any irritation or clogging of the skin. At the end of a long day, you should remove all of your makeup.

  1. Wash that face.

This might be obvious but in the same way you would remove any old makeup, you need to wash your face! Using a cleanser for your face, wash your face gently.

For one to two minutes, massage the cleanser in to remove any dead skin or bacteria built up in your pores before rinsing off your face with some cold water. You can then finish off, applying a moisturizer specifically for facial use.

  1. Priming your face.

Prime your face before adding your makeup. A primers purpose is to really enhance your makeups appearance and lifespan. Using your fingers, apply the primer, while covering the whole face with only a little amount.

Primers also help makeup to stay on for the day. Not, if you are going to be sweating at all, a primer is necessary.

  1. Apply a foundation.

Many types of foundation exist. They’re all basically applied using the same method. Cream, powder and liquid foundations will all try to give you a smoother complexion. This provides an even foundation for the rest of your makeup.

Using, a brush or damp sponge, apply the foundation, blending it into the lobes of your ears and neck if you need to. Use a skin-tone that matches your skin. The main thing is that you definitely don’t want harsh obvious line that goes from your jaws line right to your neck!

This will look unnatural and give a terrible unblended finish. Cover up any obvious blemishes with a concealer brush and foundation.

Tip: Liquid foundation could be used by applying with your fingers, although this method is likely to add bacteria and cause potential skin breakouts.

Preparation summary

  1. Prepare the face with a primer and moisturizer.
  2. Apply a skin-tone foundation to match your skin.
  3. If necessary, add concealer to blend in.

Check out the next steps for applying makeup in my next article!